Douglas Taylor RMT


*In good standing with the College Of Massage Therapists of Ontario CMTO and a Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario RMTAO Member

Douglas Taylor RMT is a BBB Accredited Massage Therapist in London, ON

Question: Who should be more nervous about a Massage Therapy Treatment in my home?

Yes, You are coming into a strangers Home Practice for treatment, but the other side of this is, that I am having a "stranger" come into "my home" for treatment.

Some clients have asked to bring a friend, or family member, with them the first time. That's one solution. This has been done a few times now; But then I have two strangers in my home. In that case I also will have someone here for my security needs.

It is certainly reasonable to be cautious about people we don't know yet, but there are reasonable things that can be done to alleviate any fears.

Here are my suggestions:

Get to know me. You can give me a call, or talk to my partner if you wish. Ask me a ton of questions. I'll tell you what my morality entails. There won't be any mystery as to my intentions.

Contact people you know who have already seen me. Word of mouth is an excellent way to alleviate any concerns.

Check out my Facebook page Douglas Taylor RMT and read the comments from those who have seen me already.

Read the rest of my website. There is valuable information about me and how I do things here.

Look me up on the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario website to confirm my good standing with them.

I'm here to serve you and I've worked hard for my certification.

Take precautions if you feel you must, but if you need Massage Therapy please book an appointment. That's why I'm here.

Douglas Taylor RMT