Douglas Taylor RMT


*In good standing with the College Of Massage Therapists of Ontario CMTO and a Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario RMTAO Member

Douglas Taylor RMT is a BBB Accredited Massage Therapist in London, ON

I have been asked if it is possible for me to perform a  Massage Therapy Treatment in a clients home?

The short answer is, Yes.

The only persons eligible to receive Massage Therapy in their home are persons with disabilities who cannot come to my practice because of accessibility issues.

Massage Therapy in the home is possible if there is a area large enough for it. It is very important that both the client and the therapist can participate in the practice of massage therapy in a safe and effective manner.

Are you comfortable with a person, whom you may have never met before, coming into your home to give you a massage therapy treatment? It is an important question.

Being "Registered" with the "College of Massage Therapists of Ontario" means that I have had a criminal record check performed, and that I also have been examined by my College to ensure that the highest standard of personal and professional ethics is maintained by me at all times.

Any Massage Therapist coming into your home should have a "Registration Card" from the College containing the following:

*CMTO on the upper left corner of the card

*Photo on the right
*Therapists Name

*Registration Number

*Certificate Class

*Expiry Date

*Renewal Number

*And the Colleges Contact Information on the back

You may also decide to check and see if in fact a person is a Registered Massage Therapist in good standing with the CMTO here:

If you require massage in your own home, and it is safe to do so, how it is performed will depend on your physical abilities and the area of your home that can be utilized for massage. If it is possible for you to walk up three steps, my regular place of practice is likely a better idea.

If we each decide that you do need your massage therapy treatment performed in your home, then we will need to work out the details.

I do charge a fee for travel time to and from your location. I charge $20/hr with a minimum charge of $10. For example: If it takes a half an hour round trip to travel to and from your residence, it would cost an extra $10 on top of your Massage Fee.

Do you require the use of a lift and is there someone available, currently qualified, to use it? Is your wheelchair accessible enough for massage?  Is there space enough beside a bed for massage to be performed safely? Are you able to turn over on a bed by yourself or do you need assistance? Can you sit on a chair safely without assistance? These are some of the questions that I may need to ask.  

If you require a head, neck, back, and arm massage, this can be done in a backwards facing chair.

Massage in a wheelchair can safely be performed on the head, neck, upper shoulders, arms, lower legs and feet.

If a full body massage is required, a bed can be utilized for that purpose while maintaining an appropriately safe massage height for the therapist. Every area that could be massaged on a massage table can be massaged on a bed.

Why don't I just bring a portable massage table?

One reason I do not carry a portable massage table is because not everyone has enough space to set one up. Also the toll it would take on my body, to carry a table, is more than I am willing to bear. Therefore I utilize what is available.

Here are some things that I may need you to provide in order to perform your massage:

*A sheet and a blanket for your comfort and privacy

*Pillows for your comfort depending on positioning

*Three Towels for draping/covering/propping, depending on positioning.

Often, massage through clothing is the best option for home visits.

I will bring all necessary paperwork with me and hypoallergenic massage lotion.

Unfortunately, it is not at all practical, structurally, to make my practice accessible. Therefore, I offer massage therapy off-site for those who cannot visit me for that reason.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

*"Massage Therapy, Massage Therapist, RMT,  and Registered Massage Therapist," are all protected legal terms which may only be used by a "Registered Massage Therapist" in good standing with the "College of Massage Therapists of Ontario."